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Ever feel stretched to the breaking point?? We’ve all felt that way … we STRETCH to respond to the demands of our lives, more and more tightly, we’re stretched every day. How is that we’re able to keep on stretching? And what do we do when we feel that we really are at a breaking point?

RESILIENCE like our “response rubber band.” It is the quality that helps us cope with daily life and all its stressors, even when we’re coping with failure, loss, negativity, abuse, and illness. When we have had experiences in our lives that make us resilient, we have a very stretchy rubber band that allows us to respond positively to deal with stress … and bounce back to relax again.

What makes us resilient?

  • Caring, consistent relationships with others
  • Emotionally supportive friends, neighbors, family members
  • Safe communities in which to learn and find fulfillment in a variety of ways
  • Opportunities for exercise, relaxation, meditation

When people experience challenges to resilience, that does not mean that there is no hope! There are, in fact, plenty of resources in Catawba County to support and strengthen resilience for children and for adults. Just think about where you connect with others!

  • Work & school
  • Places of worship
  • Libraries, museums, cultural events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Support groups
  • YMCA, gyms, walking tracks
  • Etc.

If you need to be CONNECTED to RESOURCES, call Children’s Resource Center at 828-695-6565 or go to They are our county’s resource & referral agency and they can point you in the right direction!

For more information about our Resilience work, call 828-695-6505 or email


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