The purpose of the North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten (NCPK) Program is to provide quality educational experiences in order to enhance kindergarten readiness for four-year-olds who are considered to be at-risk for school failure. The program is community-based, voluntary, free to participants, and designed to prepare at-risk four-year-olds in North Carolina for success in school.

Catawba County currently has NCPK slots in both private child care programs and in public schools. For more information, or to get an application, e-mail Leslie Ferrell or call 828-695-6506.

Click here for the 2020-2021 Application (English)

Click here for the 2020-2021 Application (Spanish)

Click here for the 2021-2022 Application (English)

Click here for the 2021-2022 Application (Spanish)

If you are concerned about your child’s readiness for kindergarten, we encourage you to complete this application. Children who are not currently enrolled in a child care program are prioritized. Your child must turn 4 on or before August 31st of the NCPK school year in order to be eligible. Eligibility is also based on income. Applications must be sent to the Partnership for Children at P.O. Box 3123, Hickory, NC 28603, or delivered to 738 4th Street SW in Hickory in order to be eligible for one of the slots. NCPK classrooms typically run on the school calendar. All NCPK services are free. Transportation is not provided.

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